Are you sick and tired of being sick and tired? Exhausted from fighting for your health and fitness with little or no results? Do you need help with your daily motivation to make the changes you desperately crave? Are you ready to take the steps necessary to change your life? Are the next 12 months going to be your Year of Ultimate Fitness and Health?

Introducing Your Customized Blueprint For Ageless and Pain Free Living ... and a Full Year's "One-on-One" Support to Make Sure You Get It Done!

No Hype, No Sales Pitch! This is a straight forward offer from Peggy and Dave Stevens to work with you for an entire year.

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Over the past 20 years we have discovered and developed multiple techniques that are tested, simple to implement, easy to understand and highly effective that have helped us to not only age well but thrive into our mid-60s. Now we want to help you achieve the same results by coaching you, mentoring you and dedicating the next 12 months to your success.

If after reading this you decide this program is right for you  we will work with you one-on-one (actually two-on-one since we both will be brainstorming and spending time with you) for an entire year to help you not only discover the secrets to aging well but to implement those discoveries into your daily routine creating dramatic results, and creating positive habits that will last the rest of your life. 

Dedicated To Your Success! If you choose to participate we pledge to you that we will dedicate all of our expertise, training, thought and effort so you can easily achieve your goals.

Here is the Plan - Simple and Straight Forward

Initially we all sit down together and work on clearly identifying and defining what you want to accomplish. To draw a picture of what you will look and feel like at the end of the 12 months. Together we'll craft your blueprint, review it with you and make any "adjustments". It's important that we create a customized plan that you are excited about implementing into your life and that you will actually do

We'll get together at least once a month so you can stay on target. During these sessions we'll review your progress and do additional assessments to chart your success. We'll also spend time tweaking your blueprint, planning the classes, group sessions and homework that will accelerate your progress.  A minimum of 12 times during the year Dave and Peggy will work with you in a Customized StretchPro Session. This is the ONLY program where you get Dave and Peggy working together for you.

To Insure Your Success

Not Only will you be working directly and privately with RiversZen and StretchPro Founders, Peggy and Dave Stevens (this is the only RiversZen program where you will work with both Peggy and Dave). YOU will also receive Unlimited Access to EVERYTHING RiversZen Offers ... both in our Ilwaco and Astoria studios and 100% access to RiversZen Insiders Online Portal, Courses, Tips, Training and Classes

Everything RiversZen Offers is Included

  • Initial Assessment and Success BluePrint
    We'll cover everything from your personal fitness goals to your customized eating plan then we'll craft a customized blueprint just for you to achieve your results
  • Unlimited Studio Access
    Unlimited access for a full year to every class offered by RiversZen Astoria and RiversZen Ilwaco. 
  • Lifetime Unlimited Access To RiversZen Online
    There are online classes, training, courses and forums where you can ask questions and get answers from the knowledgeable RiversZen staff. 
  • Twelve StretchPro Private Assisted Stretches
    This is the method that literally saved Dave from 7 different surgeries in 2007. Clients have found unexpected healing from this powerful tool. It's a key component to the success of our system. You will receive a minimum of 12 sessions during your year.
  • Unlimited Email and Telephone Support

The Best of Both Worlds, In Person and On Line

At the completion of your year you will have a full arsenal of tools and you will have established positive habits that will last a lifetime so that you can Move Better, Stay Healthy and Be Happy well into your senior years.

That's it, Pretty Straight Forward! 12 Months of Unlimited Access and Support

Here is Who This Program is Definitely NOT For

This is not for people who ​are not ready to make a change for the positive in their life.
This is not for people looking for the "easy button" (although mostly this program is easy to implement)
This is not for people who are always looking for the quick fix.

If this describes you then this program is definitely not for you and we would highly recommend that you not enroll.

If you truly want to take control of your health and fitness you need to be committed to do whatever it takes to extend your life, have the most energy you can so you can take better care of your family and enjoy the quality of life you deserve.

If you're still reading we assume that you are the type of person who will commit to a project and stick to it. That makes you the type of person we want to work with.

Once you make the decision to go forward we will be totally committed to working our butts off for an entire year to deliver you the highest value possible.

What Are They Saying About This Program?

John Doe UI/UX Designer
"The online how-to videos keep me up to date with my classes when I’m out of town. Peggy and Dave know what they’re doing and will tailor their recommendations, classes and treatments to suit your individual needs. So thankful my dogs led me to Riverszen.."
Hi Peggy, I just wanted to let you know I got up this morning feeling fantastic. Better than I have felt in years. I am pain free and feeling great. I just wanted to share that good news with you and look forward to talking to you more about resistance stretching. I am sold. I am your poster child. I am excited. Thank you so much for doing that for me yesterday
John Doe UI/UX Designer

There are only so many hours in a day and each person enrolled will require a great deal of time and effort in planning and implementation so this program is limited to a maximum of 8 participants.

Your Ultimate Success Program is 6 payments of $500 or one single payment of $2499
Contact us at to set up payment plan, Click button below for one time payment

Ready To Get Started?

This is important so let's get right to the point. If you add up all of the individual pieces you would see that you will be receiving invaluable training, classes and support. Not to mention the hours Dave and Peggy will spend reviewing, brainstorming and crafting your custom plan. But what is really more important is the value this program will add to your life.

Take a deep breath and for a minute picture your life a year from now if your optimum results are achieved. Imagine getting out of bed in the morning pain free, looking forward to the day, eager to get after it. Think about spending time with your family, traveling and enjoying every day of your life. 

Now imagine what that is worth to you. Can you put a price on it? We sure can't ... the discoveries we've made over the past 20 years have provided all of those benefits and more for us ... and our clients. Priceless.

So the question is how much is your health, fitness and piece of mind worth? Your investment in yourself for an entire year of focused effort on your behalf will be $2499. We've pared that down as low as we can while still maintaining the integrity of the program.

If you are interested we'd love to discuss this further with you. We'll spend a few minutes on the phone to determine that we are a match for you and you are a match for us. Let's face it. Once we all decide to go for it we'll be working together for a year. We would love to help you to achieve the same level of success and freedom that we have. 

Now you have a four choices ...
1) You can make the decision this isn't for you and walk away
2) Immediate Access: You KNOW we are a good match and want to get your program started immediately. Click the button below to get started
3) Telephone: Have some questions? Give Peggy a call at 503-440-3554. She would love to visit and discuss the possibilities of working together.
4) Shoot us an email with any questions or let us know a good time to call. We'll confirm and give you a call at the appointed time.

Your Ultimate Success Program is 6 payments of $500 or one single payment of $2499
Contact us at to set up payment plan, Click button below for one time payment

Dave & Peggy Stevens
Co-Founders of RiversZen and StretchPro

About the Trainers

In our mid 40s we both realized that we were not aging as well as we had hoped. We were starting to break down and needed to do something fast if we didn't want to age as poorly as our parents.

We spent the next 20 years testing, tweaking and evaluating multiple products, techniques and methods to help us age well. As a result of our discoveries we are now in our mid 60s and thriving. We're stronger, more flexible and happier than we were 30 years ago!

What we are offering is to streamline the process for you and work with you "one-on-one" for the next 12 months so you can experience the same results without the huge learning curve.

What Else Do Our Our Clients Have To Say?

​I've had many sessions using every modality you can imagine. The doctors had thrown up their hands and told me I would need to learn to live with the pain. Those days are now behind me due to Resistance Stretching at RiversZen. For the first time in decades I feel totally in control of my own health! Blessings
John Doe UI/UX Designer