Learn the secrets to achieving your weight, health and energy goals! ...

Would You Like a Proven System That Guarantees That You Will Achieve Amazing Results ... and a System That Will Provide You With Tools For Ongoing Support and Accountability to Insure That You Have the Guidance and Motivation to Make it Happen and To Stay On Track?

If so you're in exactly the right place. Read on ...

How To Unlock The Secret To Finally Achieving Your Weight-Loss and Health Goals

Let RiversZen Take You By The Hand And Guide You Step-By-Step Toward A Total Weight and Health Turnaround. So You Can Move, Feel, Age and Be Well ...

The Best Part? You Won't Be Doing It Alone. You'll Get Personal Attention from YOUR Personal RiversZen Trainers, Coaches, and Your ZenFit Community To Help You Achieve Your Ultimate Result!

Are you sick and tired of the yo-yo diets, exercise plans that are next to impossible to stick to and living your life in total exhaustion?

You've started diet after diet, followed every "guru" you can find, read book after book after book and after all of that, even if you did manage to lose some weight, you were either so starved from lack of nutrition (and in many cases lack of food) or so tired of eating the same thing day after day that you gave up in total frustration?

Did you find that once you got off of your "diet" you gained back more than you lost? If so you are not alone. Do you have a clue as to why you continue to fail time after time? Do you know what would be the answer to make powerful changes that will provide you a lifetime of health and vitality?

Maybe what it takes is finally being sick and tired of being sick and tired? Or Maybe it’s something more …

Finally hitting the point where you are so sick and tired of being sick and tired that you WILL do something about it is a big part of the solution. 

We've found the key to getting off of that roller coaster and moving into the fast lane for a smooth ride and lasting life change ... it's actually very simple ... having local expert support, regular accountability and a strong community of like minded people are the missing keys.

  • The first part of the solution is finding professionals who not only have the knowledge, but have successfully transformed their own lives. With their expertise they can guide you through the complexity of issues, provide a customized rock solid plan of action, custom designed especially for you and your lifestyle.
  • The second part of the solution is accountability. Plugging into an established system for daily and weekly accountability will help ensure you not only reach your goals but maintain for years to come.
  • The third part of the solution is a strong community of like-minded folks ... folks who are trying to accomplish the exact same goals as you. It's like they say in football ... the sum of the parts is greater than the individual. Once a group of team players is brought together who have common goals and believe in and support each other mountains can be moved - lives can be changed.

RiversZen Fitness Experts have worked incredibly hard for more than 3 years creating this program that WILL work for YOU! They've tested and tweaked and tested again, then more tweaking and testing. They didn't stop there, they used this system on themselves, clients and their friends. The result? Massive weight loss, increased flexibility and improved strength. Everyone who fully participated achieved amazing results!

In fact, the 3 main professionals leading ZenFit have lost in excess of 200 pounds  and kept that weight off while increasing their fitness levels dramatically! Even though they each had a slightly different diet and varying levels of exercise they all had successful transformations. More proof that a customized program that fits your lifestyle will yield the best results!

It's time to get off of the roller coaster and join ZenFit where you can work with a team of professionals and like-minded individuals to achieve your goals and dreams. ZenFit is designed to give you inspiration and support to help you establish new habits that will last your entire life.

Introducing ZenFit
The Ultimate Weight-Loss, Health and Energy Transformation Program

More than a workshop or monthly program it's an entry into a community of like-minded people who are on the same path as you 

Comments From Past ZenFit Participants

I've lost 3-1/2 pounds in spite of new medications. I like the eating plan, I REALLY like it.I'm not looking for weight loss. - Dave

I am looking for blood sugar control more than weight loss. 6 days into the program I started seeing a difference in my morning blood sugar numbers, they are close to normal. But in the two weeks (I've been on ZenFit) I've lost 5 pounds that is a real loss. - Stephanie

I thought I had gained weight but when I weighed in at the studio today I found out that I had actually lost 4 pounds in my first 7 days! - Patricia

I kind of cheated on the first day but in the first 6 days since then have lost 12 pounds. I've done Yogilates too. (A the conslusion of his 30 days his weight loss was a whopping 28 lbs.) - Kevin

I love the energy I have, eating meat and cheese, how is this happening? - Carol

Sleep, Better Sleep! Normal sleep was waking up every 2 hours. When I first started gentle yoga at RiversZen I would sleep for 3 to 4 hours, but I slept for the first time an 8 hour night without waking up ... and that's the first time in years - Kathy

How Much Does This Cost??

I bet by now you're wondering how much is this all going to cost? That is understandable, if you were to purchase all of these items individually the price would be much higher. In the beginning we charged $197 a month for Zenfit. In fact we've had new clients think the amount we're quoting is a weekly price. Indeed your investment in the ZenFit Personal Transformation is so low that we're almost embarrassed to even mention it ... we don't want to decrease the value of what we're offering by charging too little. But you will see the method to our madness as you read on.

Our heart is with all of you suffering as we did for so many years so we got out the pencils, sharpened them and figured how much we had to make to provide the services ... So here goes ...

ZenFit Personal Transformation is now only $25 per month ... no long term contracts, only a month to month commitment. You stay in the program only as long you get great results and are happy with what we provide. You can stay 30 days and opt out or stay for life ... many of our clients do choose to continue on an indefinite basis finding the value FAR outweighs the cost.

Another reason we don't offer contracts is that we want you to continue because of the AWESOME benefits you are receiving. We think that forcing someone into a long term contract is flat out wrong and basically a little dishonest. We want to earn your continued participation and will work our butts off to make sure you get maximum results from YOUR Customized ZenFit.

Oh oh, here it comes. Because of the low price there is one small catch (always a catch isn't there). If you find the program to be inspiring we ask that we be allowed to use your before and after photos.videos for future promotions and that you provide us with an honest appraisal of the program. That isn't too much to ask is it?

Thank you, we hope you decide to join us on this journey and jump on the Road to YOUR ZenFit!

ZenFit Personal Trainers
Kim, Peggy and Dave Stevens

Your Monthly ZenFit Member Benefits 

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    Community and Accountability - Membership in the Facebook Private ZenFit Community
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    RiversZen Online - Access to the complete online training including more in depth lessons on the topics from the workshop
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    Online Workouts - Access To RiversZen Online Workouts
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    Monthly Workshop 2nd Sunday of each month at 11am 
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    ZenFit Monthly Healthy Snack Potlucks - Right after the monthly workshop 
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    Unlimited Email Support from Your ZenFit Trainers
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Become a Member of the ZenFit Community Today
$25 Monthly
New Member Introduction Workshop - Second Sunday of Each Month at 10am
RiversZen Ilwaco, 177 Howerton Way

The Four Key Components of the ZenFit Lifestyle

  • Create the perfect mindset for setting your goals and finding your compelling reasons to achieve them.
  • ZenFit Low-Carb Elimination Diet and how you can apply it to your lifestyle even if you are a Carnivore or a Vegan.
  • Movement and Exercise  Did you know that too intense of a workout for your body can actually set you back?
  • Alternative Health.  Don't take medications or let them perform unnecessary surgeries. Yes, sometimes they are necessary but know the difference. We'll share the tools that you can use to research your own health to make informed decisions.