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Yoga and Sports

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yoga for sports

For the general populace, yoga is associated with meditation, chanting, deep breathing, contemplating one’s navel, and other esoteric practices. Very few people would associate it with sports. These days, however, coaches and athletes are seeing many benefits that yoga can offer in the field of sports. These benefits are well-documented and worth looking into if […]

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Introducing FitFlow at RiversZen

By RiversZen | Classes , Fitness , RiversZen Astoria Oregon , Yoga

FitFlow RiversZen

If you love a high energy class, check out this new RiversZen offering starting in Astoria on Wednesday nights. Hopefully we can convince Kelli to add this class to RiversZen Ilwaco sooner than later!!!! Click Here To View VideoFrom Kelli: Introducing Astoria’s first-wave West African/AfroBrazilian dance inspired yoga class, that I’m just calling Fit Flow! People who […]

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The right “PHIIT” for you?

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Get PHITT at RiversZen

So, have you thought about taking a PHIIT class but weren’t sure if it’s the right “phiit” for you?If your wanting to change your body, improve your overall health and want to challenge yourself, then this IS the right “PHIIT!”I believe the ideal form of exercise is through short bursts of high intensity exercise- you […]

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