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UPDATE: We have had a few requests for our LifeTime Membership with Classes (both in  studio and online), workshops and personal access --- without the weekly stretches --- as some of you cannot fit the private appointments into your schedule. So we're offering a reduced price LifeTime membership without the private appointments. Check it all out below

LifeTime Access To Everything RiversZen

RiversZen Stretching and Yoga

This is an INSANE offer ... but we have a new project that we looking to fund. To that end we are offering 2 clients lifeTime access to everything RiversZen for one single price.

This is a straight forward offer and it's value is many times the cost. In fact we truly believe you will receive the full value of your membership year one!

We sincerely appreciate your support and pledge to be 100% dedicated to your success.

StretchPro Resistance Stretching at RiversZen

What is included in YOUR RiversZen LifeTime Membership?
Limited To a Maximum of 2 Clients

* LifeTime Weekly One-0n-0ne StretchPro Private Assisted Stretches (Stretches inlcuded in Full Package, a second package with Classes & Workshops Only is alsoAvailable)

LifeTime Unlimited RiversZen Classes - in both of our beautiful studios and online

* LifeTime RiversZen Workshops - Both Online and In Studio

* LifeTime Membership to MyRiversZen Online with classes, training and so much more!

* Unlimited Access to Peggy and Dave by phone or email to answer any questions you may have

As you can imagine the value of this program is many times the cost, you could easily recoup your investment the very first year

Call 503-440-3554 or email for questions