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Schedule Bliss at RiversZen

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Go to RiversZen ScheduleBliss Software

Simply click on the "Your Account" tab, choose my schedule and you  will be presented with a login screen where you can use your credentials. If you are not already registered simply click "Create New Account" and follow the prompts

You can also download the ScheduleBliss App for your mobile device using these links 

Google Android Playstore

ITunes store - Go to Itunes and Search for RiversZen Yoga

We chose Schedule Bliss as our scheduling software because of their dedication to making studio software simple, easy, effective and affordable!

Meet ScheduleBliss Founder Chris Floats ...
Chris is a devoted seeker of truth, unrelenting practitioner of Yoga, organic & local food zealot and despiser of all things GMO, dedicated teacher and compulsive explainer, eternally fascinated by anything with flashing lights, torn by the belief that computers will probably at once save the world and destroy it all at the same time, recipient of life's 15-minutes of fame award for successfully uploading a music video to YouTube, lay professional chef, world record holder (depending how small your world is) for the most hours spent playing Fire Emblem, afternoon political commentator and ultimately just a human being trying to connect in a meaningful and deeper way with other human beings. Chris is the founder of Business Management Software and the founder of Namaste Pacific Yoga Studios in San Diego, CA.