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StretchPro Private Assisted Stretching

"Nothing Feels Better or Has Longer Lasting Results Than a Private Assisted Stretching Session"

In As Little as 20 Minutes You Can Relieve Stiffness & Soreness, Enhance Athletic Performance, Increase & Maintain Range Of Motion, Feel Lighter & Younger, Add Strength, Increase Flexibility and Improve Posture

Many individuals today are in pain for a variety of reasons—some caused by accidents, sports injuries, medical conditions or the normal wear and tear of life. Due to societal norms the remedy can be worse than the original problem often masking or exacerbating the problem. Surgery or drugs may be the answer . . . but not always. Our own experience with Resistance Stretching has demonstrated that there can be alternatives. Having successfully treated clients with psoriatic arthritis, CMT, chronic back pain, headaches and various sports injuries, alternative treatments may be available for your pain issues.

This is our signature stretch. It has yielded amazing benefits for almost all of our 1200+ clients who have walked in our door over the past 6 years!, Stretching all of the major muscle groups of the Lower Extremities, Upper Extremities, and spine. This one is just flat out Yummy!!!!!

For those who want a full body stretch but also need to spend an extra time on a specific area. In your session your StretchPro Trainer will customize each stretch depending on the your needs and preferences. With this extended session you can work on problem areas—or target certain muscles or muscle groups for various physical activities and sports. Whether you want to heal injuries, prevent future injuries, improve your posture, make your runs faster and less painful, or help with your weightlifting, all you need to do is discuss your specific needs with your StretchPro Trainer before—and during—your stretch.

Pricing and Booking

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Private Assisted Stretches

30 Minute Stretch - 40
60 Minute Full Body - 80

Full Customized Stretch
Peggy: 60 Minutes - 125

Strong and Flexible Private Session
Wendy: 60 Minutes - 80

Full Assessment and Self Care Plan
90 minute with Peggy - 195

Private Yoga
Jamie or Josie 60 Minutes - 80

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