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Demystifying Yoga and StretchPro- It's all about movement and you

8 Weekly Sessions:
During these weekly sessions, Peggy and Dave Stevens (Pink too) will teach you exactly what each pose or exercise is supposed to look like, proper alignment, which muscles are targeted, modifications up or down and how you can receive maximum benefit from each movement.  

Ride Up Your Alley - Communicate Clearly With Your Horse Through Better Body Movement

Ride Up Your Alley - RiversZen Workshop

January 27th, 2:00 pm to 4:30 pm, RiversZen
Training and enjoying your horse takes time and excellent communication. How’s your body communicating? As you ride could you be using compensation patterns because of muscle imbalances you have developed due to pain, overuse, misuse, or abuse that could send confusing messages to your horse? A tiny shift in your weight, a tuck or squeeze can mean a lot!  

​​Reconnecting Mind, Body & Spirit (Shift Happens!)

January 27th, 2:00 pm to 4:30 pm, Astoria
​Do you ever feel like a slave to your own mind - almost like it's out of control or like it's out to get you? Have you tried meditating but find it difficult to relax and calm your brain down?
Have you tried to change some of your habits, behaviors, or even your body but found it hard to stick with resolutions to do so? Do you ever feel disconnected from or overwhelmed by life in general? YOU ARE NOT ALONE.

ZenFit Transformation - Achieve your health, weight and energy goals!

Zenfit RiversZen

Learn the secrets to achieving your weight, health and energy goals! ... Would You Like a Proven System That Guarantees That You Will Achieve Amazing Results ... and a System That Will Provide You With Tools For Ongoing Support and Accountability to Insure That You Have the Guidance and Motivation to Make it Happen and To Stay On Track? If so you're in exactly the right place.