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​Yoga Technique and Movement

​4 Weekly Sessions with Jamie Savva

This workshop series is designed to take your yoga practice to the next level. Even if you've never done yoga before! ​Gain a better understanding of the technical elements required in building your yoga practice. Learn how ans when to modify, expand, and explore your poses to better suit your yoga body. Explore methods of moving your practice off your mat and into your daily practice. 

​Sundays in March 1pm to 3pm, RiversZen Astoria.
Join Jamie for one or all

Demystifying Yoga and StretchPro

8 Weekly Sessions:
During these weekly sessions, Peggy and Dave Stevens (Pink too) will teach you exactly what each pose or exercise is supposed to look like, proper alignment, which muscles are targeted, modifications up or down and how you can receive maximum benefit from each movement.  

Stretch Someone You Love

StretchPro at RiversZen

Next Session Coming Soon
​​Want to learn how to stretch your partner or friend to help them to heal old injuries and prevent future ones? To make them twitter with excitement just because you make them feel sooooooo good? Want to learn the exact same stretches that Dave and Peggy use on each other? Then this Couples Workshop is exactly what you need (just in time for Valentine's Day). Class size will be limited so sign up early.