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It will start in February in Astoria, Oregon, Dates and Time TBD

Demystifying Yoga, Yogilates and StretchPro

An 8 Week Workshop Designed To Help You Achieve Your  Maximum Benefits From Your Poses and Exercises

  • Have you ever been in a class and been embarrassed because you think you're the only person in the room who doesn't know how to do the poses or do the exercises properly? 
  • Have you ever dropped into a pose or start an exercise and been confused about which muscle you are supposed to be working on? 
  • Would you like to walk into ANY Yoga, StretchPro or Yogilates class and be able to confidently know and perform each movement?

If that describes you then this 8 week workshop is exactly what you are looking for! 

RiversZen Dave Peggy Pink

During these weekly sessions, Peggy and Dave Stevens (Pink too) will teach you exactly what each pose or exercise is supposed to look like, proper alignment, which muscles are targeted, modifications up or down and how you can receive maximum benefit from each movement.

Currently we have more than 40 poses and exercises we'll be covering. There will be take home material and an online version that you can refer to whenever you need it.

8 Week Session Begins Soon

Time and Date of Next Workshop to be Determined
Peggy Stevens – Certified Yoga Tune Up® Teacher
Dave Stevens - Certified Ki-Hara Master Trainer
Pink Stevens - Goddess
Cost: $179
Early Registration: $149 - 503-440-3554
1406 Marine Drive, On the RiverWalk, Astoria, Oregon
177 Howerton Drive, Ilwaco, Washington