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Yoga and Sports

By RiversZen | Dave Stevens , Fitness , Yoga

yoga for sports

For the general populace, yoga is associated with meditation, chanting, deep breathing, contemplating one’s navel, and other esoteric practices. Very few people would associate it with sports. These days, however, coaches and athletes are seeing many benefits that yoga can offer in the field of sports. These benefits are well-documented and worth looking into if […]

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Stephanie’s Story of Recovery … And Her Goal

By RiversZen | Instructors , RiversZen Astoria Oregon , Yoga , ZenFit

Stephanie Reibold Story

New instructor Stephanie talks about her journey and her desire to share with you. Stephanie’s Story of Recovery … And Her Goal This was an impromptu discussion of Stephanie’s health prior to RiversZen and her subsequent recovery through StretchYo, RiversZen and Zenfit. In addition she discusses her goal for helping others through her teaching …I […]

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