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The Ultimate Healing, Health and Fitness Elite Monthly Membership

RiversZen's All  Inclusive Monthly Membership Program is designed for explosive results leading to your ultimate health.

This package is the culmination of our experience working with over 1,500 clients to help them achieve maximum results in the shortest amount of time. We know it will work for you!

Not only does it include weekly private sessions and unlimited RiversZen Classes, it also includes online classes and training for those times when you can't make it to the studio. Read on ...

Dave Stevens RiversZen

"A Single Assisted StretchPro Resistance Session can provide the benefits of a month of classes or self stretches" Dave Stevens

This monthly membership can help you to Heal Chronic and Acute Injuries, Prevent Future Injuries, Add Strength, Increase Flexibility, Find Relief from Conditions such as Arthritis, Fibromyalgia, Scoliosis and Many other Conditions. It will help to Correct Alignment and Posture, Improve Athletic Performance ... and so much more, it's way too long to list here!

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The Ultimate Healing, Health and Fitness Elite Monthly Membership is Custom Designed to help you to achieve the results you desire. Whether you are looking to heal pain, increase strength, add greater flexibility, improve athletic performance, prevent future injuries ... or a combination of the above.

When I discovered Resistance Stretching in 2007 it literally saved my broken body. Because of Assisted Stretching I was able to avoid 7 different surgeries that had been prescribed for me. I spent $450 a week for 4 weeks for this work, then with the discovery that multiple weekly classes would be the final piece of my health puzzle spent another $100 a month for a monthly membership. It is our strong desire to offer the same healing and injury prevention that I discovered at a price that is affordable for everyone. 

After years of testing we've discovered that the greatest results come from a combination of weekly StretchPro Assisted Stretches with 3 to 5 RiversZen classes a week ...

We are super excited to announce RiversZen Ultimate Healing, Health and Fitness Elite Membership. The program that gives you everything you need to live a powerful, strong and peaceful life. To age well while staying strong and flexible thus giving you the freedom to find your happiness!

What is included in your Riverszen Elite Monthly Memership?

Designed To Help You To Achieve Your Ultimate Fitness
In The Shortest Amount of Time Possible Each Week

$49 a Week
Sold in a 4 Week Block Package To Achieve YOUR Maximum Results. Package automatically renews every 4 weeks.

Call 503-440-3554 or email info@riverszen.com for questions

Individual Private Sessions Also Available - Call for Appointment 503-440-3554