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30 to 50 Years Old? Kim knows EXACTLY what you need to thrive!!

Do you want to maintain that sexy (sorry more accurate is youthful) body and keep your ability to move well? Do you want to avoid the aches and pains that you hear "older" people talk about and that you think is a normal part of aging? I've got the answers for you ... let's work together toward your optimal health and fitness

Dave Moves Better In His 60s Than He Did In His 30s and He Wants To Help You Achieve The Same Results

Custom Stretch StretchPro

I know I can help you to move better, build strength, increase flexibility and age well. But until you're 100% ready for it, and truly committed to making a positive change, there's nothing I can do to help you. But If you are honestly ready for a positive change, read my short message by clicking the link below

Initial Assessment and Customized Fitness/Health Blueprint with Master Trainer, Self Massage Expert Peggy

StretchPro Peggy RiversZen

Peggy Will Help You To Discover Exactly What You Need To Do To Move Well, Stay Healthy and Be Happy. Full Assessment, Stretch and Customized Plan for Success - 2018 Special 75% Off

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60 Minute Private, Customized Session


Full Personal Assessment and Fitness BluePrint

On Sale Reg $195

30 Minute Private, Customized Session


Additional customized plans, packages and programs available. Talk to your favorite trainer or call 503-440-3554