6 Weeks  to Your Sexy Summer Bod!

Give Me 6 Weeks and I'll Help You Get In Shape For Summer!

Hi, I'm Kim Gibbs and I've helped dozens of clients to lose weight and dramatically increase their strength while improving flexibility in as little as 6 weeks. And I can do the same for you. Click the button below to start your 6 week journey to discover your sexy summer bod!

  • One-on-One Session To Set Up Your Customized Plan Including a Ki-Hara Resistance Stretch To Get You Jump Started
  • Daily Challenges and Pledges
  • Full Access to RiversZen Online with Workouts and Eating Plan 
  • Full Community Working Together For a Common Goal
  • Unlimited Email Support and Encouragement

Questions? Contact Kim@RiversZen.com or Give Me a Call at 503-440-0009

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