Reduce Pain, Promote Healing, Prevent Injuries, Improve Athletic Performance

Simple, Easy and Effective Solutions To Help YOU Live Well at Any Age!

The RiversZen Experience

In-Studio Group Classes

Group Yoga Stretch RiversZen

Pick from a wide assortment of  classes designed to deliver results for you. Classes range from easy yoga  to intense pilates and everything in between. Led by expert and caring instructors. 

Vibration Therapy

Whole Body Vibration Machine

As little as 10 minutes 3 times a week on  can help you to lose weight, eliminate or reduce pain, improve balance flexibility and strength ... and so much more

Assisted Stretching

Whether it's a 20 minute Stretch or an Hour Long Fully Customized Stretch you can expect to  Improve Strength, Increase Flexibility, Promote Healing, Prevent Injury and Enhance Athletic Performance

RiversZen Online

RiversZen University

Would You Like the Secrets to Moving Well, Staying Healthy and Being Happy at Any Age ... and the Expert Training, Guidance and Assistance To Lead You Into Your Very Own Awesome Life? 

Work One-On-One With a Skilled and Caring RiversZen Trainer
The Ultimate Healing, Health and Fitness Program
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RiversZen Gift Certificate

Did you know RiversZen Yoga offers gift certificates in any denomination? Give the gift of Yoga and Fitness Classes, Ki-Hara Assisted Stretching, Vibration Therapy and More. You choose the amount, they choose the product!
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What Makes RiversZen YOUR Best Choice?

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1) Proven Multiple Success Systems that WILL Work For You!

2) RiversZen Community Support

3) World Class Resort Feel Studios and VIP Rooms

4) Highly Qualified Instructors and Trainers

5) Mega Clean Equipment and Props

6) Small Intimate Classes

7) Online Support

What Do Clients Have To Say About RiversZen Health and Body Solutions?

Hi Peggy, I just wanted to let you know I got up this morning feeling fantastic. Better than I have felt in years. I am pain free and feeling great. I just wanted to share that good news with you and look forward to talking to you more about resistance stretching. I am sold. I am your poster child. I am excited. Thank you so much for doing that for me yesterday.  Click here for more reviews

Pam Jacobsen
Ilwaco, Washington

Voted The Columbia-Pacific Region's Best Yoga Studio

RiversZen Astoria is located on the Astoria Riverwalk on the banks of the mighty Columbia River. RiversZen Ilwaco is located on the Waterfront Walkway in the Port of Ilwaco. The world class views and the gentle splashing of the waves create an atmosphere that allows you to leave the cares of the day behind and to fully engage in your current activity

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