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Pick from a wide assortment of group classes designed to deliver a full body workout and stretch. Classes range from easy yoga  to intense pilates and everything in between. Led by expert and caring instructors.

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Sore Back? Tight Muscles? Just not that Flexible? Lacking Strength? Then find out what the revolutionary new method for growing stronger, increasing flexible, eliminating pain, reducing injuries and becoming ageless, can do for you

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Feeling Listless? Lack of Energy? Out of Shape? Carrying a Few Extra Pounds? 

Are you sick and tired of being sick and tired? Are you finally ready to lose the weight and get fit once and for all? Are you committed to changing your life for the better? Then RiversZen's ZenFit just might be the program you've been looking for!

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RiversZen Astoria is located on the Astoria Riverwalk on the banks of the mighty Columbia River. RiversZen Ilwaco is located on the Waterfront Walkway in the Port of Ilwaco. The world class views and the gentle splashing of the waves below create an atmosphere that allows you to leave the cares of the day behind and to fully engage in your current activity

Hey Judith Niland here! I joined RiversZen about 4 years ago. I have pretty severe Rheumatoid Arthritis and came in to see if I could keep flexiblity and strength as time moves on, despite the chronic issues I deal with. Well!! I just got the results on my most recent Bone Density test. Since starting Yoga and Resistance Stretching  My Hip density INCREASED 2%  AND my Spine INCREASED 8%!!!
How about that? Thank you Sally, Peggy and Dave!  Click here for more reviews

Judith Niland 
Astoria, Oregon

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Highly Qualified, Caring trainers, instructors, guides and consultants who are truly engaged, excited by your progress and success.

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How Would You Like To Have Your Very Own Customized Blueprint For Ageless and Pain Free Living ... and a Full Year' of "One-on-One" Support to Make Sure You Get It Done!

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Do You Have a Heart For Helping Others? Have You Always Dreamed of Leading Classes? Do You Love Resistance Stretching, Strong Posture and Yoga? If so become a certified RiversZen StretchYo Instructor. You could be leading classes in the next few weeks!

Hi Peggy, I just wanted to let you know I got up this morning feeling fantastic. Better than I have felt in years. I am pain free and feeling great. I just wanted to share that good news with you and look forward to talking to you more about resistance stretching. I am sold. I am your poster child. I am excited. Thank you so much for doing that for me yesterday.  Click here for more reviews

Pam Jacobsen
Ilwaco, Washington

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RiversZen is one of the hi-lights of living in Astoria for me. We moved here from San Francisco and I felt that I would never find a comparable studio to Parusha in SF. RiversZen has way exceeded my expectations and much more.. The view of the river is amazing; the teachers are better than I have ever experienced; and the mellow vibe calms me right down.. Click Here For More Reviews

Susan Williams
Astoria, Oregon

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