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Hi, we are Dave and Peggy Stevens and we'd like to welcome you to RiversZen where our goal is to teach you simple, easy and effective solutions that will help you to move better, stay healthier and to be happier than you were 20 years ago!

Here's our story, the reason why we started RiversZen and how RiversZen will work for you.

RiversZen Dave Peggy Pink

In our mid 50s, we found ourselves breaking down physically. That breakdown was having a negative impact on our ability to enjoy life. Between the multiple surgeries and the numerous drugs our doctors were recommending, the future seemed bleak. We had watched as friends and family went through multiple surgeries, took numerous medications and yet still spent their later years suffering from extreme pain, unable to move well or to enjoy any quality of life whatsoever.

We swore that would not happen to us, that we would not age as poorly as our parents and friends had.

In 2007, after much study and testing multiple concepts for years, we discovered that there were indeed simple, easy and effective solutions where we could actually reduce and eliminate pain and stiffness from our lives. In fact, in our mid-60s we move and feel better and are much happier than we were in our 20s and 30s!

Our hearts told us that we needed to share our discoveries with as many as possible so we opened our first RiversZen Studio in 2012. Our goals were and still are quite simple:
1) To provide the training, leadership, support and community to help people to move well and to live well the rest of their lives.
2) To create classes where these simple, easy and effective solutions could be presented in a highly synergistic and fun atmosphere.
3) To offer individual sessions to isolate and go deeper into a person's individual issues. To help anyone who desires to achieve the same amazing results.

In 2016 we started our online community (MyRiversZen.com) to reach an ever expanding group of like minded people who are sick and tired of being sick and tired.

That's it in a nutshell. Our dedication is to helping you succeed.

We hope you are someone who believes your life can be changed for the positive and that you can indeed live out your later years moving well, staying healthy and being happy.

Yoga, Resistance Stretching, Wellness in Astoria Oregon and Ilwaco Washington and Online

RiversZen Group Programs Designed For Your Success

Group Classes

RiversZen Group Classes

Pick from a wide assortment of group classes designed to deliver results for you. Classes include Yoga, Resistance Stretching, Pilates, and Meditation. The most successful strategies that have worked for us and our clients for years.

Initial Assessment and Health Blueprint RiversZen

Whether it's a  Self Stretch Class, a Private Assisted Stretch or a Fully Customized Session you can expect to  Improve Strength, Increase Flexibility, Promote Healing, Prevent Injury and Enhance Athletic Performance

Online Classes and Training

Would You Like the Secrets to Moving Well, Staying Healthy and Being Happy at Any Age ... and the Expert Training, Guidance and Assistance To Lead You Into Your Very Own Awesome Life? 

Individual Customized Programs Designed For YOU

Kim Helps You Get Into The Best Shape Of Your Life! She Knows Exactly What You Need To Thrive

Would You Like a Proven System That Guarantees Amazing Results ... That Will Provide You With Tools For Ongoing Support and Accountability to Insure That You Have the Guidance and Motivation to Make it Happen and To Stay On Track?

Dave Moves Better In His 60s Than He Did In His 30s and He Wants To Help You Achieve The Same Results

Custom Stretch StretchPro

I know I can help you to move better, build strength, increase flexibility and age well. But until you're 100% ready for it, and truly committed to making a positive change, there's nothing I can do to help you. But If you are honestly ready for a positive change, read my short message by clicking the link below

Initial Assessment and Customized Fitness/Health Blueprint with Master Trainer, Self Massage Expert Peggy

StretchPro Peggy RiversZen

Peggy Will Help You To Discover Exactly What You Need To Do To Move Well, Stay Healthy and Be Happy. Full Assessment, Stretch and Customized Plan for Success - 2018 Special 75% Off

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